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About Us

N0H4TS was founded to gather like minded individuals that have an interest in security.

This could be you.

Talks, Workshops, CTFs and more

N0H4TS is SIT's first cybersecurity club founded in 2019. Through the various events conducted, the club aims to instill a security focused and out-of-the-box mindset in its members.

We hope through our activities, our members would be better informed on security threats in the ever increasing digital world we live in and equipped with that knowledge educate others on steps to protect themselves from such threats.


Here some CTFs, Conferences and Competitions we attended



I thought being a hacker was hard. After joining the club, I learnt how to view the HTML source in my browser. Thanks N0H4TS!
Before joining the club I only knew how to use the GUI. Now, I'm a CLI master.

Boomer Tan

Our Team

Here is our founding members of N0H4TS

Peng Fei


Hong Xuan






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Come join us in our telegram group! But you gotta invite yourself in.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hint: supersecret

Cyber League FAQ

How can I sign up for N0H4Ts Cyberleague?

For now we are only open to SIT students, please sign up here

What is the N0H4Ts Cyberleague?

A competitive CTF where each competitive season lasts 12 weeks and new challenges are released every 2 weeks.
N0H4Ts members who participate stand a chance to win attractive prizes!

I cant find the way to register to be a member!??

We at N0H4ts encourage you to keep persisting onwards as it is a common occurence to be stuck on a problem in this field.
The only way forward is to "Try Harder" (quoted from Offensive-Security)

Contact Us

For any enquiries feel free to email us at the contact below